About Us

V-SAT Media Network: Comprehensive Broadcasting and Telecasting Solutions

Welcome to V-SAT Media Network, your premier destination for comprehensive broadcasting and telecasting solutions. Established in 2021, we specialize in providing cutting-edge products and services tailored for satellite channels, cable channels, IPTV, OTT platforms, and YouTube channels.

At V-SAT Media Network, we offer a wide range of products, including advanced playout software, custom-built live TV Android apps, and top-tier Blackmagic broadcasting equipment like switchers, mixers, and capture cards. Our studio solutions feature high-quality 4 bank lights, professional teleprompters, and live kits equipped with encoders and decoders alongside bonding servers. We also provide premium digital screen panels and customized assembled PCs specifically designed for high-performance studio systems.

Our services encompass complete studio design with acoustic treatments and green screen setups. We collaborate with leading OEMs to deliver full channel setup solutions, crafting detailed functional studio schema diagrams to meet your unique requirements.

Discover how V-SAT Media Network can enhance your broadcasting capabilities with our all-in-one package solutions and expert support. Let us help you create a professional studio environment that meets all your media production needs.

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