Playout Features

Best in Market & Easy to use.

24X7 SD/HD Playout

Our robust architecture ensures seamless 24/7 operation for SD/HD/FHD/2K/4K channels without interruption.

Play Any Format Video

Easily play any video format with our in-built codecs, ensuring compatibility across all file types.

Trim Video Clip

Effortlessly trim video clips with precise start and end marks for seamless playback in your playlist.


Record live video input, including channel content with text and graphics, 24/7 for added flexibility.

Gapless Switching

Switch between files seamlessly without any gaps for uninterrupted playback.

Create Playlist

Craft playlists of various format videos of any size and effortlessly load them for on-air broadcasting.


Instantly toggle text and graphics overlays over your playout for dynamic channel branding.


Utilize live video input using decklink cards and experience smooth, jerk-less switching to on-air broadcasts.

Youtube Streaming

Stream your channel directly to YouTube without the need for third-party software using our in-built encoders.

Facebook Streaming

Effortlessly stream your channel to your Facebook Page directly from our playout system.

UDP Output

Enjoy IP streams with different codecs and transports, including UDP and RTP.


Simply copy and paste any RTMP URL into your playlist for instant playback.

Network File Playback

Easily add network files to your playlist and stream from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, RTMP, and UDP.

Playlist Options

Supports a variety of inputs including video files, live input, network streams, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and more.

Integrated Streaming

Stream RTMP directly to YouTube, Facebook, or your website using our built-in encoders.

IP Output

Send multicast UDP output with custom bitrates in MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or H.264 formats.

Virtual Source

Utilize virtual sources for seamless integration with popular encoders such as Wirecast, Vmix, and OBS.

Output Preview

Preview channel output including audio, video, text, and graphics before broadcasting.

SD-HD-4K Output

Supports all playout resolutions and Blackmagic Design, Stream Labs, and Deltacast Cards.

Broadcast Quality CG

Overlay text and graphics for channel branding and screen layout design with unlimited compositions.

DVB-compliant UDP Streaming

Efficiently stream DVB-compliant UDP streams to reduce costs and save space.

Multiformat Playback

Play a wide range of video files and network streams including H.264, HEVC.265, AVI, MPEG-2, and more.

Live Ingest

Ingest live input from Blackmagic Design Cards, add live content to playlists, and schedule live broadcasts.

Resolutions and Framerates

Choose from a variety of resolutions and framerates including NTSC, PAL, 2K, 4K, and 1080p options.

Multiple Inputs and Outputs

Utilize HDMI/SDI Black Magic Decklink or Intensity cards, UDP or RTMP streaming output, and more.

Newtek NDI IP Output

Send playout output to Tricaster or vMix without additional hardware using Network Device Interface (NDI) technology.

GPU Accelerated Streaming

Stream using UDP or RTMP protocol with GPU acceleration for efficient encoding and streaming to various platforms.

CG Features:

GPU-based graphic overlay engine for stability.

Adjustable alpha range for precise layering.

Dynamic, cyclic, and static CG schedules.

Autopilot option for automated cyclic CG playlist playback.

User-friendly template-based CG.

Support for internal and external keying.

Multiple layer types including text, image, crawl, and more.

Chroma Key Features:

Real-time chroma keying with smooth edge filtering.

Support for video files or still images on the chroma keying background.

Customizable chroma masking for optimal results.

Audio delay adjuster for accurate lip sync.

Seamless switching between live camera and video files.

Commercial Breaks Options:

Insert breaks with customizable start and end dates.

Schedule breaks for fixed times every day.