Refund Policy (1.0)

The V-SAT Media Network ("V-SAT," "we," "our") offers sales and services of playout software and broadcasting equipment, which encompass a range of offerings such as Broadcasting Equipment, Assembled PCs ("sales") and SaaS, Android App Development, Green Screen Studio Acoustics ("Services") to our valued customers ("Customer(s)," "you," "your"). Your use of these Services is subject to the terms outlined in our online terms of service, accessible at the following link:, and, when applicable, a master services agreement executed between V-SAT and the Customer.

This refund policy ("Policy") defines the circumstances under which a refund may be applicable to a Customer and outlines the governing terms related to such refunds. By utilizing our Services or registering with us to access them, you are indicating your acceptance of this Policy. V-SAT reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time by publishing an updated version on the V-SAT website. Any revisions to this Policy automatically become binding on you if you continue to utilize our Services.

Regarding your utilization of our Services, a refund may be applicable under the following circumstances:

1. Reimbursement for Discrepancies in Invoices

  1. Should you identify any disparities in our invoices concerning product identity and validity, miscalculation of services opted, or other invoice details such as GSTIN, you are obligated to contact us at within 7 (Seven) days of receiving the initial invoice via the email address(es) registered with us ("Invoice Email").

  2. Following your notification, we will conduct an internal examination to validate the reported discrepancies. Upon confirmation of the eligibility for a refund, we may, at our discretion, provide you with a credit note, infrastructure credits, and/or refund the corresponding amount as necessary.

  3. Failure to report any discrepancies within 7 (Seven) days from the date of the Invoice Email will result in us being unable to entertain any requests for bill modifications, credit notes, or refunds in any other form thereafter.

2. Reimbursement for Service Deprovisioning (only for contineous opted services like AMC, SaaS, Streaming in subscription Mode)

  1. All Services will be considered active and subject to billing until the date of their deprovisioning. To request the deprovisioning of any specific Service, customers are required to adhere to the following procedure:

    1. Manually Provisioned Services: In cases where Services have been manually provisioned by our team based on your request, you must explicitly request the deprovisioning of these Services by sending an email to us at Please clearly specify the desired date of deprovisioning in your email. This request will be considered valid if it is sent by your authorized technical contact, and the deprovisioning must be unconditional.

    2. Upon receiving your Service deprovisioning request, our provisioning team will proceed to deactivate the specified Service(s) and send you and the V-SAT finance team a deprovisioning email ("Deprovisioning Email"). We will cease billing for the affected service(s) from the effective deprovisioning date indicated in the Deprovisioning Email, which is also copied to our finance team.

  2. Should our finance team inadvertently overlook an entry from a Deprovisioning Email and subsequently bill you for Services that have been deprovisioned, we will promptly correct this error by issuing a credit note or infrastructure credits. To facilitate this correction, kindly email us at to notify us of the error, providing the relevant details of the original Deprovisioning Email you received from outlining the deprovisioning request.

  3. If you have not received a Deprovisioning Email, we kindly request that you email us at to inform us of your previous deprovisioning request that was not processed. Please include a screenshot of this previous request. Typically, the effective date of deprovisioning aligns with the date mentioned in the Deprovisioning Email. However, if the service had a commitment period, the effective date would be the last day of that commitment period.

  4. If you have not yet submitted a deprovisioning request, we strongly advise you to do so at your earliest convenience. Until the Services are successfully deprovisioned, you remain responsible for their payment. Our finance team can only issue credit notes or infrastructure credits through the process described above.

  5. The billing period for Services encompasses both the day of provisioning and the day of deprovisioning, including all days in between these two dates. All manually provisioned services, including virtual/dedicated compute nodes, are billed in advance in accordance with the monthly billing cycle, unless you have specifically requested a longer billing cycle.

  6. If you request the deprovisioning of a manually provisioned service before the end of its billing cycle, we may, at our discretion, issue an equivalent credit note, infrastructure credits, or refund the remaining amount charged in advance, minus any payment gateway transaction charges, to the original payment source. Alternatively, if you continue to utilize other services that are still in the provisioned state, the remaining amount may be adjusted in the subsequent billing cycle.

3. Reimbursement for Software Licenses Included with Compute Nodes

If Software licenses are invoiced on a monthly basis, irrespective of the duration of usage within that month. Once a software license has been utilized in a given calendar month, it becomes ineligible for a refund, and you will be billed for the entire monthly fee of that license. However, if you have paid for software license costs for future months that will go unused, you may request a refund for those unused months by sending an email to

4. Reimbursement for Prepaid Infrastructure Credits

If you possess unused prepaid infrastructure credits within your Customer Account and do not plan to utilize any additional Services, you have the option to request a refund. To initiate this process, please send an email to It's important to note that your Customer account should not be in an "Inactive/dormant state" for this request to be valid.

For the purpose of this provision, an "Inactive/dormant state" is defined as a Customer account that has not utilized any Services in the preceding 90 (Ninety) days.

Please be aware that no refunds will be processed after the 90-day period has elapsed, and we retain the right to invalidate such credits in accordance with the procedures outlined in our Terms of Service.

5. Under what circumstances will you not qualify for a refund according to this Policy?

You will not be eligible for a refund in the following scenarios:

  1. Minimum Billing Committed Nodes: If you have committed to a specific number of nodes for a predetermined period at a fixed rate, the amount paid for this commitment is non-refundable. Additionally, you will not receive refunds for minimum billing amounts charged in each billing cycle.

  2. Promotional Code Benefits and Free Coupons: Benefits received through promotional codes or free coupons are not subject to refunds.

  3. Transaction Fees by Payment Gateways: Fees charged by payment gateways are non-refundable.

  4. Linked Customer Accounts and Outstanding Balances: If there are outstanding balances in any linked Customer accounts or if we suspect that your Customer account is connected in any way to another account with unpaid dues, you will not be entitled to a refund. Any remaining balance after adjusting outstanding dues for linked accounts will be refunded to you.

  5. Outstanding TDS (Tax Deducted at Source): Outstanding TDS payable for the Services, where a validly signed TDS certificate has not been provided by you, is not eligible for a refund.

  6. Suspected Violations of Terms of Service or Company Policies: In cases of suspected violations of our Terms of Service, Company Policies (as defined in our Terms of Service), or other similar breaches, you may not qualify for a refund.

  7. Other Discretionary Cases: Any other situations determined at our discretion that would disqualify you from receiving a refund.

6. General

All refund requests must be submitted to within the specified timeframe as mentioned earlier. To the maximum extent allowed by the applicable law, you hereby relinquish any claims related to fees or charges, whether already paid or payable to us, unless such claims are made within the stipulated timeframe outlined in this refund policy.