Green Screen Studio Setup: Work and Equipment Overview

We design state-of-the-art studios equipped with acoustic treatments to enhance sound quality and green screen setups for versatile video production.

Setting up and working in a green screen studio involves several key tasks and equipment to ensure professional-quality production. Here is a brief overview of the work to be done and the essential equipment list:

Studio Setup Work & Useful Equipment

Studio Design and Construction

Design the studio layout, ensuring adequate space for filming and lighting. Make Effective Acoustic Treatment & Install green screen backdrop ensuring it is wrinkle-free and evenly lit.

Required Materials:

1. Wooden Frames or Panels to house the High-density rockwool insulation

2. Pyramid / Eggshell shape PU foam along with suitable Adhesive or Glue

3. High-quality green screen fabric

Lighting Setup

Studio lighting solutions designed to provide optimal illumination for professional video production. Position lights to eliminate shadows on the green screen. Set up additional lighting for the subject to create a natural look.

Required Materials:

1. Softbox lights or LED panels

2. 2 or 4 bank lights for even green screen illumination.

3. Key lights, fill lights, and backlights for subject lighting.

Camera & Teleprompters Setup

Position cameras at appropriate angles to capture the subject against the green screen. Adjust camera settings for optimal video quality. High-quality teleprompters to assist on-air talent in delivering smooth and confident presentations.

Required Materials:

1. Professional video cameras (e.g., Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro).

2. Tripods and camera mounts.

3. Teleprompter for assisting on-camera talent.

Sound Setup

Install microphones and soundproofing materials to capture clear audio. Ensure audio equipment is correctly positioned to avoid interference.

Required Materials:

1. Shotgun microphones or lavalier mics.

2. Audio mixers with XLR cables & Collar Mics and soundproofing materials.

3. Talkback, EP, Wireless Mic Set

Live Chroma Keying

Use software to key out the green screen in real-time, replacing it with the desired background. Monitor live feed to ensure quality.

Required Materials:

1. Blackmagic DeckLink cards for video capture & Blackmagic ATEM switchers for live switching.

2. ATEM Control Panel for Chroma Keying or any compatible Software for Chroma Keying and background replacement.


Edit footage, adjusting the chroma keying for a seamless background integration. Add effects, overlays, and finalize the video.

Required Materials:

1. High-resolution monitors for real-time feed and post-production work.

2. DaVinci Resolve for editing and color grading.

3. Playout Software to telecast Final Output.

Order Essential Studio Setup Equipment: Acoustics, 4 Bank Lights and Teleprompter

Bank Lights / LED Lights


Our 4 bank studio lights offer superior illumination for professional video production, providing even and adjustable lighting to enhance your studio setup.

These energy-efficient lights are perfect for eliminating shadows and achieving consistent, high-quality visuals.



Creating an acoustically treated studio involves careful planning and the right materials to ensure optimal sound quality.

  • PU Foam Panels
  • Rockwool
  • Wooden Frames or Boards
  • Adhesive or glue for attaching PU foam
  • High-quality green screen fabric
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45K - 120K/varient

Our teleprompter scrolls text by remote, allowing speakers or on-camera talent to read the script while maintaining eye contact with the camera.

It enhances the delivery of presentations, ensuring smooth and confident communication.

  • Screen Sizes : 19", 24", 27", 32"
  • Camera Mount Provision
  • Remote for Controlling Script
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